At Verena Krenn Events, we take pride in crafting weddings that are as unique as the couples we serve. This majestic wedding in Vienna was a beautiful blend of Austrian elegance and Californian charm, that infused with the rich cultural heritage of the couple’s Asian roots. Against the enchanting backdrop of Vienna’s historic architecture, every detail was meticulously planned to create an unforgettable vienna wedding of love and culture. The stunning visuals of this remarkable day were captured by the talented Katka Konkal Photography, ensuring that the memories would be cherished forever.

The Fashion

Wedding Gown

The bride wore a stunning gown by Tara Lauren, embodying timeless elegance with a modern twist. The dress featured intricate lace details and a flowing train, perfectly complementing the grandeur of Vienna. Adding to the ethereal beauty of her look, she wore a long veil that cascaded down her back, creating a dramatic and graceful effect.

Groomsman Attire

The groom looked distinguished in a dark brown tuxedo from Boss, complemented by a black bow tie. His polished black leather shoes with silver buckles added a refined touch.


The Details of the Vienna Wedding

Food & Drink

The culinary experience was a delightful fusion of Austrian and Californian cuisine, with a touch of Asian influence. Guests enjoyed dishes like Wiener Schnitzel alongside sushi rolls and California-style salads. A selection of fine Austrian wines and refreshing Californian cocktails, such as sake-infused margaritas, provided a perfect complement to the menu.

Florals & Decor

The decor was a breathtaking combination of elegance and sophistication. The venue, a grand Viennese palace, was adorned with majestic white, pink and orange floral arrangements. Candles added a warm, romantic glow, while gold utensils provided a touch of opulence to the setting. The palace’s opulent rooms and grand halls were further enhanced by the floral displays, creating a seamless blend of grandeur and intimacy. As the evening progressed, the palace was illuminated with fairy lights, creating a magical ambiance.

Vienna Wedding Cake

The wedding cake, was a true masterpiece. It featured three tiers, each adorned with intricate designs and delicate sugar and real flowers. Some raspberries were decorated on the tiers. Flavors included classic Austrian Sachertorte, green tea matcha, and a light vanilla sponge, offering a delightful variety for all guests to enjoy.

Special Touches

A very special moment was the couple’s “first look” in front of the iconic Vienna State Opera. This breathtaking backdrop provided a stunning and dramatic setting for their first glimpse of each other on their wedding day.

At Verena Krenn Events, we are dedicated to making your dream wedding a reality. Whether you envision a majestic Vienna celebration or another unique theme, our team of expert wedding planners in Austria is here to bring your vision to life. We are your Vienna Wedding Planner!

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