Imagine exchanging your eternal vows within the majestic setting of a Viennese palace, surrounded by magnificent architecture and opulent interiors. Vienna, the radiant pearl of Austria, celebrates tradition and modernity in an unparalleled manner, offering the perfect backdrop for your vienna dream wedding. Our Base is Vienna and we are proud to be one of the most well known Vienna Wedding Planner Companies.

Why Choose Vienna for Your Wedding?

Breathtaking Architecture

Vienna’s stunning architecture, from its grand imperial palaces to charming historic buildings, provides a magnificent backdrop for any wedding. Whether you prefer a baroque palace or a cozy, centuries-old church, the city’s architectural beauty will leave a lasting impression.

Vienna Wedding Planner

Elegant Venues

Vienna boasts a wide range of sophisticated wedding venues, from opulent ballrooms in historic hotels to chic, modern event spaces. Each venue offers a unique blend of elegance and charm, perfect for creating unforgettable wedding memories.


Vienna experiences all four seasons, each offering a unique charm. Spring and autumn are particularly beautiful, with mild weather perfect for outdoor ceremonies. Winter weddings can be magical with the city’s festive holiday decorations, while summer provides warm and sunny days ideal for garden receptions.



Cuisine and Wine

Austria is famed for its culinary traditions, and Vienna is no exception. Delight your guests with exquisite Viennese cuisine, from classic Wiener Schnitzel to decadent pastries, paired with fine local wines, ensuring an exceptional dining experience.


At Verena Krenn Events, we take pride in planning weddings in Vienna. We explore the region extensively to find the perfect wedding venues for our clients. Many of these locations have been personally visited by us, allowing us to create magical events in these stunning settings. We are passionate as your Vienna Wedding Planner.


Belvedere Palace

Set amidst beautiful gardens with panoramic views of Vienna, Belvedere Palace offers a romantic and historic ambiance for your wedding. Its magnificent halls and stunning baroque architecture make it a top choice for couples.

Hotel Sacher

Experience luxury and sophistication at the Hotel Sacher. Known for its impeccable service and elegant ballrooms, this prestigious hotel is perfect for an extravagant wedding in the heart of Vienna.

Palais Coburg

Palais Coburg, with its historic charm and modern luxury, provides an elegant and intimate venue for weddings. Its beautiful gardens and grand interiors offer a perfect blend of tradition and contemporary style, making it an ideal choice for a distinctive celebration.

Park Hyatt Vienna

Located in a former bank building, the Park Hyatt Vienna combines historic grandeur with modern elegance. Its luxurious ballrooms and excellent service make it a superb choice for an elegant city wedding.


Austrian National Library

The Austrian National Library offers a breathtaking and unique venue for your wedding. Its grand halls, filled with historic books and baroque architecture, provide an extraordinary setting that combines intellectual beauty with romantic charm.

Schönbrunn Palace

Known for its opulent interiors and extensive gardens, Schönbrunn Palace epitomizes luxury. Host your wedding in one of its splendid event spaces, surrounded by historic charm and outstanding service.

Palais Liechtenstein

For a wedding with a touch of historic charm, the Palais Liechtenstein offers a stunning venue with beautifully and baroque architecture. This venue combines the elegance of a historic palace, perfect for a romantic celebration.

City vs. Countryside

Historical City Flair

Vienna’s historical city flair offers an array of city palaces and outstanding venues that impress with their architecture. The grandeur of these city settings provides a regal and sophisticated backdrop for your wedding.

Countryside Castles

For those seeking a more tranquil and majestic setting, the countryside around Vienna boasts medieval and baroque castles. These stunning venues, located right on the border of the city, offer a majestic touch with their historic charm and picturesque surroundings, perfect for a romantic and serene celebration.

“We have many more wedding venues of Vienna in our portfolio. I am constantly working on our relationships with them. It’s so valuable to be personally connected.”

Verena Krenn

“Our wedding in Vienna was truly a dream come true. The elegance and history of the venues made our day incredibly special.” 

Anna & Michael

Planning Your Wedding in Vienna

Venue Selection

We’ll help you choose the perfect venue based on your vision, whether it’s a historic palace, a modern hotel, or a charming garden.

Local Vendors

Benefit from our network of trusted local vendors, including florists, caterers, and photographers, who will bring your dream wedding to life.


We’ll take care of all the travel and accommodation arrangements for you and your guests, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.


When should I book my Vienna wedding venue?

Book early! While last-minute spots can sometimes be found, they often come with a higher price tag. Early booking ensures you secure your preferred venue and vendors without the stress of increased costs.

When is the best time to plan a wedding in Vienna?

Vienna can be quite hot in July and August. The best time for warm weddings is from the end of May to mid-July and from late August to the end of September. Additionally, Christmas time in Vienna is enchanting, with the city adorned in festive lights and decorations, making it a magical setting for a winter wedding.

Is arranging transportation necessary for guests in Vienna?

Vienna features a well-connected public transport system, but consider arranging transportation for your guests to ensure everyone arrives on time, especially if your venue is outside the city center.

How do I infuse Austrian culture into my Vienna wedding?

Incorporate elements of Austrian culture into your wedding. This can include classical music, the famous Sachertorte, or even a Danube boat tour. Vienna has a lot to offer for your wedding.

What languages are spoken in Vienna?

The primary language spoken in Vienna is German. However, due to its diverse population and status as an international city, English is widely spoken.

How should I handle unexpected challenges during the wedding planning process?

Despite meticulous planning, unexpected challenges may arise during the wedding planning process. Stay flexible and adaptable, and trust in your wedding planner to handle any last-minute changes or issues with grace and professionalism.

What should I consider regarding budget when planning a wedding in Vienna?

Vienna offers a range of wedding venues and vendors to suit different budgets. Determine your budget early in the planning process and allocate funds accordingly. Be transparent with your wedding planner about your budget constraints to ensure they can work within your means.

What is special about Vienna?

Vienna thrives on its rich coffee culture and has a number of traditional coffee houses. The city also surprises with a unique hotspot in the city center: the “Prater”, a theme park. One of its attractions is the famous “Wiener Riesenrad”, which is also one of Vienna’s landmarks.

What is the typical timing for weddings in Austria?

In Austria, weddings are typically held in the afternoon, between 2 and 4 PM, followed by a reception and a party.

Your dream wedding in Vienna awaits. We are your wedding planner for Vienna. Let us help you create a celebration that reflects your love story in one of the most beautiful locations in the world. Contact us today for a consultation and take the first step towards your unforgettable Austrian wedding.



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