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Endless olive groves, crimson sunsets, wide sandy beaches and extraordinary wines – Tuscany naturally gifts us with the stuff that dream weddings are made of. Whenever we stage a destination wedding at a historic winery in Tuscany, we find ourselves surrounded by ancient walls and verdant vineyards and feel fully immersed in Italian culture and charm. No wonder many couples decide to get married in Tuscany. As a wedding destination, the heart of Italy offers everything you need for an exceptional, exclusive and unforgettable dream wedding. And that’s why we love to be the Austrian Wedding Planner Tuscany.

MANY SHADES OF TUSCANY – Wedding planning in Tuscany

Even if you haven’t decided on all the details of your Tuscan wedding, you can be sure of one thing: Italy offers the best of everything. Whether you say your vows on a private estate with a cypress-lined avenue, at a high-class luxury resort complete with infinity pool, or a historic villa adorned with frescoes and a romantic courtyard: Tuscany offers a range of incredible wedding venues. As wedding planners, we truly appreciate the diversity of the region. It allows us to perfectly customize your Italian destination wedding to your personal preferences.


If you’re looking for a destination wedding in a very classic Tuscan style, a historic winery surrounded by olive groves will be the ideal venue. Booking the location exclusively allows you to have your very own private celebration with your friends and families in the heart of Italy. The traditional architecture, extensive gardens and endless views make for an unforgettable wedding weekend – and we will ensure that everything runs smoothly from the first to the last moment.

Italian history, beautiful paintings and lovingly landscaped gardens: As wedding planners with Vienna as our adopted home, we don’t need to emphasize how much we love magnificent architecture and ballrooms steeped in history. Tuscany has numerous fairy-tale wedding locations. Couples travel from all over the world to say “I do” in these magnificent venues. If you decide to celebrate a destination wedding in Tuscany, we will be happy to present you with our go-to palaces & villas and organize your dream wedding in line with your personal wishes.


The reasons to choose a destination wedding in Italy are obvious: breathtaking landscapes, Italian history and a flair you simply can’t find anywhere else. At the same time, planning a wedding in such a special region comes with some challenges. Destination weddings abroad are as beautiful as they are demanding – Travel to and from the destination, the local culture, traditions and language, as well as the idiosyncrasies of the chosen venue must be considered carefully. With a professional wedding planner team by your side, you can relax and set course for a joyful journey to the heart of Italy.


Tuscan weddings get me day-dreaming about warm temperatures and the smell of summer in the air. I love Italian traditions and culture, the melodic language and the Southern cordiality. However, as a wedding planner, I also know that organizing a wedding in Tuscany is not always easy. Italians work differently than we do, and the distance to the location is always a challenge. That being said, I love destination weddings. Personally, if I were to get married in Tuscany, I would choose a private, historic winery surrounded by olive groves and cypress trees, where I can spend a breezy weekend with my family and friends – with lots of amore and vino.


If you want to get married in Tuscany but prefer modern architecture, you can choose one of the luxury resorts (which we love) as a location for your wedding. So swap the historic buildings for some elegant modern architecture, and the natural ponds for crystal-clear pools. You’ll still have plenty of Tuscany with superb Italian food, local wines and romantic Italian music.

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